• varietyVariety– Cirque Berzerk ”The one-time tent attraction, for several years part of California’s fabled, anything-goes summer festival, makes a stylish scenic transition to indoors. David Morong’s heavenly deconstruction of carnival hell – surrounding staircases and decaying canvas flaps – is raised almost to poetry as Dan Reed’s flashing lights keep breaking film noir shadows”
  • Variety Reviews – Padua Playwrights DaddyO Dies Well  “…and we buy it, bewitched by Dan Reed’s shimmering lighting effects and John Zalewski’s haunting South American sound mix”


  • Backstage West Review- The Devils “Dan Reed’s lighting shows the city behind the action systematically devoured by explosions and flames…  all part of a brilliant director’s mad genius… a monumental production”
  • Variety Review- Dostoevsky’s The Devils at the Open Fist Theatre Company   “The Devils” benefits from lighting designer Dan Reed’s creation of a background fire, which persuasively emphasizes a hellish atmosphere of death and disintegration”…

  • On daddy_oStage Los Angeles: Daddy O Dies Well at The Electric Lodge  “fine technical additions of Mark I. Rosenthal and Dan Reed combine with Mednick’s trippy script to make the evening pithy in the same way a vision quest might send us out of a long night’s vigil in the desert knowing that we’ve been privy to something, perhaps something important…”

  • Los Angeles Times Review- Open Fist’s Abingdon Square has dreamlike structure  “(Demson) creates some marvelously ambiguous, haunting stage pictures with Maureen Weiss and Josh Worth’s set and Dan Reed’s lights”

  • Backstage West Review- Abingdon Square “Design elements serve the play well… Dan Reed’s lighting design has magical, swirling patterns dance across the backdrop between scenes”
  • Jetsetters Magazine Review- Abingdon Square “The stage lighting design of Dan Reed created a sense of revolving or continuing motion as the row of uplights began on one side of the stage and crossed to the other side one by one….   For those who have seen the amazing computer choreographed music, water and light show at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, you will understand the slick motion and emotion created when one views such majesty”

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