The Devils by Dostoevsky At The Open Fist Theatre

From Play Fist Theatre Company presents The Devils by Elizabeth Egloff directed by Florinel Fatulescu

BACKSTAGE WEST RAVES! “Director Florinel Fatulescu and the unflappable team of actors and designers gathered reverently to his side prove their bravery by tackling this piece and making it . . . a fascinating journey through the semantic mire of twisted ideals, as simple folk are led into cataclysmic action. . . . As this passionate ensemble works its magic, Dan Reed’s lighting shows the city behind the action systematically devoured by explosions and flames . . . all part of a brilliant director’s mad genius . . . a monumental production.”

LA TIMES RECOMMENDS! “Fatulescu . . . brings abundant black comedy to the Russian novelist’s densely layered probing of the human soul. . . . Particularly noteworthy, however, are the efforts of Patrick Tuttle as the suicidal but honorable Kirilov, Jennifer Kenyon as the hilariously condescending governor’s wife, Anna Khaja as Stavrogin’s servant lover and Mark Thomsen as the cold, scheming Verkhovensky, who carries Stavrogin’s abstract theories to deadly extremes.”

Idealism runs amok in Dostoevsky’s feverish black comedy about terrorism, boisterously adapted for the stage by Elizabeth Egloff. THE DEVILS charts the disastrous attempts of a group of incompetent, small-town conspirators to foment revolution in 1870’s Russia. As a rivalry heats up between the charismatic yet disturbed founder and his opportunistic disciple, the group plunges into a world of subterfuge and paranoia, culminating in murder — a story that seems as vital today as it was when first written 130 years ago.

THE DEVILS | At OPEN FIST THEATER, 1625 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood | Through May 8 | (323) 882-6912

LA Weekly Review- The Devils Made Me Do It – Page 1 – Stage – Los Angeles – LA Weekly The Devils | PLAY7

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